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foto von oben 2 heller.jpg
"Yellow lines"
This photo was taken, while I was traveling via interrail. I ended up in a very nice hostel in Rotterdam. Because of a cancellation I was moved into a better room with four roommates instead of nine. To my surprise this room also had two balconies. I saw these amazing leading lines and patterns as i looked down and knew I had to take a picture.
einzelne insel 1 bearbeitet Kopie.jpg
"Lonely island"
This picture was taken on a cold winter morning at 5am. I researched some areas with high chances of mist when I heard it would be foggy the next days. Finally I found a nice lake near vienna and decided to get there the next morning. When I arrived at the lake I found this nice, calming scenerie. What makes the image for me, is the nice reflection in the water and the light contures of the trees in the background.
schwan 4 kleiner.png
"Fading Swan"
This photo was taken the same day the "Lonely island" picture.
When the day continued the mist started to be a bit lighter and some wildlife began to show up. The first animal I spotted was this amazing swan. As soon as I saw this beautiful scenerie I had to take this picture.
venedig ohne kran blauer.jpg
"Yellow beam"
On a trip to venice I managed to take this beautiful long exposure of a boat going by, while sitting on the piere and enjoying the nice warm summer breeze.
This picture was taken on the famous bunkers in Barcelona.
It was a warm summer day and in the evening we had a beautiful sunset behind the Tibidabo themepark, which you can see on the left side of the mountains. At this specific day, they turned on the lights of the city a bit early, which led to a nice symetry between city and sky. The name "Lavacity" came to my mind, when I looked at this image from further away and it seamed like a lavasea.
shipwreck, magic wreck
"Magic Wreck 1"
shipwreck, magic wreck
"Magic Wreck 2"
When I was in greece, I found this nice old shipwreck pretty near to our apartment. In total I came here about five or six times, to take some pictures in the time we stayed there. So one day, I wanted to take some photos with the waves crashing into the shipwreck, when suddenly a small family with a child arrived at the beach. Amusingly this kid was wearing a harry potter cape.
The kid stood next to the wreck whilst his cape was blowing in the wind and after that he proceded to do some karate moves.
fox, wild fox, forest
"Curious Fox"
Once I heard, that there was a fox near to where I live, I knew I wanted a photo of this little guy. After some planning and hours of waiting, he finally showed up, just as the sun set behind me, which casted a beautiful light on the fox.
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